s. xvi

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Kelly, Abingdon, pp. lviii, lxvi [O]
Related MSS: Ff. 61-62r from Cotton Claudius B. VI while in Allen's possession. Also from Bodleian, Lyell 15.
Comment: Ff. 129-32 witness lists from pre-Conquest charters.
Provenance: Brian Twyne

Charters contained:

S581, f. 61r: A.D. 955 for 956. King Eadwig to Brihtric, his minister; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Hendred, Berks. s. xvi

S724, f. 61v: A.D. 964. King Edgar to St Mary's, Abingdon; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Hendred, Berks. s. xvi

S713, f. 62r: A.D. 963. King Edgar to Æthelsige, his camerarius; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at 'Sparsholt' (i.e. Fawler), one hide at Balking and a mill at Hirdegrafe (probably in Steventon), Berks. s. xvi

S184, ff. 65r-66r: A.D. 821. Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Abingdon Abbey; grant of 15 hides (mansae) at Culham, Oxon., with pasture at Otney (near Sutton Courtenay), Berks. s. xvi