s. xvii

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Related MSS: pp. 136-40, from Bodleian, Dugdale 12, pp. 502-6; pp. 140-70, transcript of charters as in BL., Harley 4660, fos 3-10; pp. 171-72 from Oxford, St John's, MS. 194, fo. 2v
Comment: Not in PJK's catalogue

Charters contained:

S257, p. 46: A.D. 745 (Glastonbury, ? 30 April). Cuthred, king of Wessex, to Glastonbury Abbey; confirmation of grants made by previous kings to Glastonbury. s. xvii

S152, p. 47: A.D. 797 (Glastonbury). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Cynehelm and his successors; confirmation of the freedom of Glastonbury Abbey, previously granted by King Ecgfrith. s. xvii

S966, pp. 52-53: A.D. 1032 (Glastonbury). King Cnut to the church of St Mary, Glastonbury; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xvii

S162, pp. 172-174: A.D. 806. Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Crowland Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of grant of alms in Bucknall, Hallington, Langtoft, Baston and Rippingale, Lincs. s. xvii

S200, pp. 174-184: A.D. 851. Berhtwulf, king of Mercia, to Siward, abbot of Crowland and the abbey; confirmation of marshes at Crowland, Spalding and elsewhere, and of land at Langtoft, Deeping, Thetford, Baston, Rippingale, Whaplode, Holbeach, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Sutterton, Algarkirk, Drayton, Lincs.; Glapthorn, Peakirk, Northants.; Kirkby, Lincs.; Standon, Herts.; Addington, Northants.; Bucknall, Hallington, and at Germuthorp, Lincs. s. xvii

S741, pp. 184-192: A.D. 966. King Edgar to Crowland Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of land etc. at Crowland, Spalding, Pinchbeck, Whaplode, Algarkirk, Dowdike, Drayton, Burtoft, Sutterton, Bucknall, Hallington, Gerimthorp, Langtoft, Baston, Deeping, Thetford, Rippingale, Laithorp, Kirkby, Lincs.; Wellingborough, Addington, Elmington, Glapthorn, Worthorpe, Peakirk and Badby, Northants.; Morborne and Thurning, Hunts.; Beeby, Sutton, Stapleton, Leics.; Cottenham, Oakington and Dry Drayton, Cambs.; and at Standon, Herts. s. xvii

S1294, pp. 193-197: A.D. 966 (St Paul's, London). Dunstan, archbishop of Canterbury, Oscytel, archbishop of York, and others, to Crowland Abbey; confirmation of lands and privileges. s. xvii

S787, pp. 198-203: A.D. 972. King Edgar to Peterborough Abbey, with later confirmations, grant of privileges for the abbey and its land at Dogsthorpe, Eye, Paston and Oundle, Northants.; and confirmation of land at Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs.; Warmington, Ashton, Kettering, Castor, Ailsworth, Walton, Werrington, Eye, and Thorp, Northants.; a mint at Stamford, Lincs.; and half of Whittlesey Mere. s. xvii

S797, pp. 203-205: A.D. 974. King Edgar to Ælfric, abbot of Malmesbury; restoration of land at Nene which had been forfeited by Æthelnoth. s. xvii

S965, pp. 205-207: A.D. 1032. King Cnut to Crowland Abbey; confirmation of privileges and lands, including Crowland itself and the marshes of Alderlound and Goggislound. s. xvii

S1049, p. 208: A.D. 1045 x 1050. King Edward to Crowland Abbey; confirmation of lands and privileges. s. xvii

S1230, pp. 210-212: A.D. 1051. Thorold of Bucknall to Crowland Abbey; grant of land at Spalding, Lincs., for the foundation of a cell there. s. xvii

S1189, pp. 214-215: A.D. 810. Ælfgar, comes, to Siward, abbot, and Crowland Abbey; grant of land at Holbeach, Whaplode, Spalding, Pinchbeck, Algarkirk, Dowdike, Drayton and Burtoft, Lincs. s. xvii