s. xvi

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Kelly, Abingdon, p. lxvi [N]; Tite, Early Records, p. 166
Related MSS: Copy of CCCC 111 pp. 139-78. Extracts in James 28.
Comment: Collections by John Joscelyn. Used by Selden?
Provenance: Cotton: lent to Bancroft (via Pory), Camden, Ussher.

Charters contained:

S886, A.D. 995. King Æthelred to Wulfric (Spot), his minister; grant of 2.5 hides (mansae) in the common land at Dumbleton, Gloucs., forfeited by Æthelsige for theft, granted by the king to Hawase, his man, and now exchanged by Hawase for other land belonging to Wulfric. s. xvi

S404, f. 19r-v: A.D. 930. King Athelstan to Cynath, abbot; grant of 10 hides (mansiunculae) at Dumbleton, Gloucs., with 2 hides at Aston Somerville, Worcs., and woodland at Fleferth (? Kington, near Flyford Flavell,Worcs.). With a note, in Latin, recording King Edgar's confirmation of the land to Osulf, bishop of Ramsbury (A.D. 959 x 970). s. xvi

S386x, f. 22r: A.D. 670 for 924 x 939. King Athelstan to the minster of SS Mary and Peter, Exeter; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Culmstock, Devon. s. xvi

S411, f. 23r-v: c. A.D. 935 x 938 (? 937). King Athelstan to Ælfheah, minister; grant of 10 hides (manentes) at Farnborough, Berks. s. xvi

S544, f. 24r-v: A.D. 949. King Eadred to Æthelmær, praeses; grant of 20 hides (manentes) at Chetwode and Hillesden, Bucks. With note, in English, referring to Chadshunt, Warwicks. s. xvi

S558, f. 25r-v: A.D. 951. King Eadred to Wulfric, his faithful minister; grant of 25 hides (mansae) at Chieveley, Berks. s. xvi

S559, f. 26r-v: A.D. 952 (for 953 x 955). King Eadred to Ælfwine, vassalus; grant of 3 hides (cassati) at Barkham, Berks. s. xvi

S731, ff. 27r-28v: A.D. 964 = 963 (Gloucester, 28 December). King Edgar to St Mary's Abbey, Worcester; grant of privileges for land at Cropthorne, Overbury, Pendock, Worcs.; Teddington, Gloucs.; Mitton in Bredon, Sedgeberrow, Worcs.; Northwick in Blockley, Evenlode, Daylesford, Dorn in Batsford, Icomb, Gloucs.; Shipston-on-Stour, Blackwell in Tredington, Warwicks.; Grimley, Little Witley, Knightwick, Hallow, Harvington, Bredon, Worcs.; Blockley, Gloucs.; Tredington, Warwicks; together with the creation of the triple Hundred of Oswaldslow. s. xvi

S786, ff. 29r-30v: A.D. 972. King Edgar to Pershore Abbey; grant of privileges and restoration of land at Pershore, and of 10 hides (mansi) at Bricklehampton, 10 at Comberton, 5 at Pensham in Pershore St Andrew, 16 at Eckington, 10 at Birlingham, 10 at Defford, 10 at Strensham, 10 at Besford, land at Cromban (? Croombe Perry in Pirton), 10 hides at Severn Stoke, 10 hides at Pirton, 4 at Wadborough in Pershore Holy Cross, 3 at Chevington ibid., 3 at Broughton ibid., 10 at Peopleton, 10 at Snodsbury, 7 at Naunton Beauchamp, 4 at Abberton, 5 at Wihtlafestune (? North Piddle), 5 at Flyford, 5 at Grafton Flyford, 5 at Dormston, 5 at Martin Hussingtree, 3 at Broughton Hackett, 2 at Libbery in Grafton Flyford, 30 at Longdon, 7 at Powick, 3 at Beornothesleahe (Leigh), all in Worcs.; 3 at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords.; 40 at South Stoke (i.e. Hawkesbury), Hillesley, Tresham, Kilcott, Oldbury on the Hill, Didmarton, Badminton and Hawkesbury Upton, 10 at Dyrham, 5 at Longney, 6 at Lydney, 6 at Wyegate, all in Gloucs.; 5 at Beoley, 5 at Yardley, Worcs.; 10 at Sture (Alderminster, Warwicks.); 20 at Broadway, Worcs.; 5 at Coltune; 10 at Childs Wickham, Gloucs.; sites for vats at Middlewich and Netherwich in Droitwich, furnaces at Witton in Droitwich and 1.5 hides at Horton in Hampton Lovett, Worcs., and 3 iugera with meadow at Worcester. s. xvi

S605x, f. 31r: A.D. 955 or 956. King Eadwig to Æthelwold, abbot, and his abbey at Abingdon; grant of 20 hides (mansiunculae) at Abingdon. s. xvi

S584, f. 31v: A.D. 956 (iii). King Eadwig to St Mary's Abbey, Abingdon; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Tadmarton, Oxon. s. xvi

S605, f. 32r-v: A.D. 955 or 956. King Eadwig to Æthelwold, abbot, and his abbey at Abingdon; grant of 20 hides (mansiunculae) at Abingdon. s. xvi

S611, f. 33r: A.D. 956 (iv; Cheddar, Somerset, 29 Nov.). King Eadwig to Beorhtnoth, his faithful princeps; grant of 5 hides (mansae) at Tadmarton, Oxon. s. xvi

S615, f. 33v: A.D. 956 (ii). King Eadwig to Brihthelm, his kinsman, bishop-elect; grant of 5 hides (mansae) at (Church) Stowe, Northants. s. xvi

S758, f. 34r: A.D. 968. King Edgar to Abingdon Abbey; grant of 25 hides (cassati) at Fyfield, Berks. s. xvi

S896, ff. 35v-36r: A.D. 999. King Æthelred to St Mary's, Abingdon; grant of 15 hides (cassati) at South Cerney, Gloucs. s. xvi

S981, f. 39r: (Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, Pentecost). King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; reversionary grant of land at Folkestone, Kent, after the death of Eadsige, the king's priest. s. xvi