s. xiii, St Paul's London

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Comment: lost

Charters contained:

S337, A.D. 867. Edgar (? for Æthelred), king, to St Paul's Monastery; grant of 15 hides (mansiones) at Navestock, Essex. s. xiii

S453, A.D. 924 x 939. King Athelstan to St Paul's minster, London; confirmation of privileges, and 10 hides (mansae) at Sandon with Rothe (Roe Green in Sandon), 8 at Ardeley with Luffenhall, Herts.; 10 at Belchamp St Pauls with Wickham St Pauls, 8 at Heybridge, 12 at Runwell, 30 in the Sokens, Essex; 10 at West Drayton, Middx; 8 at Barnes, Surrey; 10 at Neasden with Willesden, Middx. s. xiii

S941, King Æthelred to St Paul's; confirmation of lands. s. xiii

S5, f. 20r: A.D. 604 x 616. Æthelberht, king, to Mellitus, bishop, and St Paul's minster; grant of land at Tillingham, Essex. s. xii

S978, f. 20v: A.D. 1016 x 1035. King Cnut to Ælfwine, bishop of London; confirmation of the lands of St Paul's. s. xiii

S992, f. 20v: A.D. 1033 x 1035. Writ of King Cnut declaring that his priests in St Paul's minster shall be entitled to judicial and financial rights as fully and completely in all things as ever they had them in any king's day. s. xiii

S1495, f. 20v: s. x/xi. Æthelflæd to St Paul's minster, London; bequest of land at Laver, Essex, and at Cockhampstead, Herts. s. xiii

S908, f. 21r: A.D. 1004 x 1014. King Æthelred confirms the grant by Æthelflæd to St Paul's, of 2 hides (mansae) at Laver, Essex, and 4 at Cockhampstead, Herts. (cf. S 1495) s. xiii

S1056, f. 21v: A.D. 1042 x 1066. King Edward to St Paul's Minster, London; confirmation of privileges and of 8 hides (mansae) at Barling and 5 at Chingford, Essex. s. xiii

S1104, f. 21v: A.D. 1042 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that his priests in St Pauls's minster shall be entitled to sake and soke within borough and without, and to as good laws as they ever had in the time of any king or any bishop; and they shall not receive into their community any more priests than their estates can bear and they themselves desire. s. xiii