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    Bealdred (of Wessex) (1)

    • S 236. A.D. 681. Baldred, king, to Hæmgils, abbot, and the church of Our Lady and St Patrick, Glastonbury; grant of 12 (or 6) hides (manentes) at Pennard, Somerset. , Glastonbury
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    Ceolred (of Mercia) (1)

    • S 81. A.D. 710. Ceolred to the church of St Mary, Evesham; grant of 35 hides (cassati) at Ragley, Arrow, Exhall, Wiveleshale, Atherstone, Dorsington, Broom in Bidford, Milcote, Temple Grafton, Binton, Bidford and Hillborough in Temple Grafton, all in Warwicks. , Evesham
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    Cuthred (of Kent) (3)

    • S 39. A.D. 805. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Aldberht, his minister, and Selethryth, abbess; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Ruckinge, Kent. , Canterbury, Christ Church (ex Lyminge)
    • S 40. A.D. 805 (26 July, Acleah). Cuthred, king of Kent, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Hrithra leah, part of an estate of 15 hides (manentes) at Buckholt in Petham, Kent, in return for 30 mancuses. , Canterbury, Christ Church
    • S 41. A.D. 805 x 807. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Æthelnoth, praefectus; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Eythorne, Kent, in return for 3000 pence. , Canterbury, Christ Church
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    Eadberht I (of Kent) (2)

    • S 26. A.D. 727 (14 October). Eadberht I, king of Kent, to Abbess Mildrith (of Minster-in-Thanet) and her familia; grant of a half-sulung (aratrum) of land bi Northanwde. , Canterbury, St Augustine's (ex Minster-in-Thanet)
    • S 27. A.D. 738 (Canterbury, April). (a) Eadberht I, king of Kent, to Ealdwulf, bishop, and the see of St Andrew; grant of 10 sulungs (aratra) at Stoke in Hoo, Kent. (b) Bishop Ealdwulf presents the charter to King Æthelberht II and Archbishop Nothhelm for confirmation. , Rochester
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    Eadberht II (of Kent) (2)

    • S 28. A.D. 762 or 763 (Canterbury, 25 July). Eadberht II, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 6 sulungs (aratra) at Mongeham, Kent, with rights in woodland at Singledge, Kent. , Canterbury, St Augustine's
    • S 29. A.D. 763 or 764. Eadberht II, king of Kent, to Sigeburga, abbess, and her familia at St Peter's Minster, Thanet; remission of toll due on two ships at Fordwich, and on a third at Fordwich and Sarre, Kent. , Canterbury, St Augustine's (ex Minster-in-Thanet)
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    Eanberht, Uhtred and Ealdred (of Hwicce) (2)

    • S 55. A.D. 757. Eanberht, Uhtred and Ealdred, under-kings of the Hwicce, to Milred, bishop, and St Peter's, Worcester; grant of 30 hides (cassati) at Tredington, Warwicks. (formerly Worcs.), previously held by Tyrdda, comes. , Worcester
    • S 56. A.D. 759 (February). Eanberht, Uhtred and Ealdred, brothers and under-kings of the Hwicce, with the permission of Offa, king of Mercia, to Headda, abbot; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Andoversford, Gloucs. , Worcester
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    Eardwulf (of Kent) (2)

    • S 30. A.D. 762 for c. 748 x 760. Eardwulf, king of Kent, to the church of St Andrew, Rochester; grant of pasture rights at Holanspic, at Petteridge in Brenchley, and at Lindridge, Kent. , Rochester
    • S 31. c. A.D. 748 x 762. Eardwulf, king of Kent, to Heaberht, abbot, and his familia in the minster at Reculver; grant of 1 sulung (aratrum) at Perhamstede in Higham Upshire, Kent. , Canterbury, Christ Church (ex Reculver)
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    Edward (of Mercia) (1)

    • S 226. Edward, king of Mercia, to the church of St Mary, Cronuchamme (Evesham); grant of 5 hides (manentes) at Lench, Worcs. , Evesham
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    Nunna (of Sussex) (3)

    • S 44. (a) A.D. c. 705 x (? 716 x ?). Nunna, king of Sussex, to Berhfrith, famulus Dei; grant of four hides (tributarii) at Peppering by the river Arun (Tarente), Sussex. , Selsey
    • S 43. A.D. 775 for c. 705 x c. 717. Nunna, king of Sussex, to Eadberht, bishop; grant of 20 hides (tributarii) at Hugabeorgum and Dene (probably East and West Dean near Chichester, Sussex). , Selsey
    • S 42. A.D. 714 (? for 717 or 724). Nunna, king of Sussex, to Beadufrith and the brethren of Selsey; grant of 4 hides (manentes) at Herotunun, 3 (cassati) at Tættæshamstede and 3 at Sidlesham, Sussex. , Selsey
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    Sigered (of Kent) (2)

    • S 32. A.D. 762. Sigered, king of Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop, to augment his monastery; grant of 1.5 iugera in the northern part of the city of Rochester. , Rochester
    • S 33. A.D. 761 x 764 (probably 762 x 764). Sigered, king of half Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop of Rochester; grant of 20 sulungs (aratra) at Islingham, Kent, and swine-pastures in the western Weald, with confirmation by King Eanmund. , Rochester
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    Æthelberht II (of Kent) (3)

    • S 23. A.D. 732 (Canterbury, 20 Feb.). Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to Dunn, priest and abbot, and the church of St Mary (Lyminge); grant of land by the river Limen and at Sandtun (Sampton, lost, in West Hythe), Kent. , Canterbury, Christ Church (ex Lyminge)
    • S 24. A.D. 741 (Lyminge). Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to the church of St Mary, Lyminge; grant of fishing rights in the river Limen, land around the oratorium of St Martin (? at New Romney), and pasture at Biscopes wic (The Wicks, Broomhill, Kent). , Canterbury, Christ Church (ex Lyminge)
    • S 25. A.D. 762. Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to the minster of SS Peter and Paul (St Augustine's) Canterbury; exchange whereby the minster cedes the half-use of a mill to the royal vill at Wye, Kent, in return for pasture rights in the Weald for its tenant at Chart, Kent. , Canterbury, St Augustine's